The people who invented Unix were not trying to teach you how to use a computer as we understand computers today; rather, they were educating professionals as to the best way to operate an incredibly heavy and expensive piece of industrial equipment. The 1974 paper says that you can run Unix on cheap computers, computers that cost as little as $40,000 ($202,000 in 2014.) Right now there are two Unix workstations in my closet that cost $35 each.
From Paul Ford’s The Great Works of Software, re: The Unix Time-Sharing System, Richie & Thompson, Bell Laboratories, 1974.
A newspaper has two sides to it. It is a business, like any other, and has to pay in the material sense in order to live. But it is much more than a business; it is an institution; it reflects and it influences the life of a whole community; it may affect even wider destinies. … It plays on the minds and consciences of men. It may educate, stimulate, assist, or it may do the opposite. It has, therefore, a moral as well as a material existence, and its character and influence are in the main determined by the balance of these two forces.
CP Scott, 1921. Scott was editor of The Guardian newspaper. Via Welcome to Guardian Membership by current editor Alan Rusbridger.
Is it fact—or have I dreamt it—that by means of electricity, the world of matter has become a great nerve, vibrating thousands of miles in a breathless point of time? Rather, the round globe is a vast head, a brain, instinct, intelligence!
Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1851, regarding the technology of the telegraph. Via Danny Hillis, A Forebrain for the World Mind

"2% Milk. 98% Spiders"

From a Reddit thread: Can you tell us a scary story in 5 words or less?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday. (Wzup)

Living alone, toilet was warm. (EndsWithMan)

Alone in bed. Blanket shifts. (Hippo55)

It enjoys watching you sleep. (AwkwardAlligator)

You awoke suddenly, buried alive. (Panx)

Hard drive failed, no backups. (perrpello)

Wife screams, at her funeral. (ab1kenobe)

Just saw my reflection blink. (BakeAked)

Landed on moon. It’s hatching. (jsz)

Swimming…. “Something touched my foot.” (cliffsofinsanity)

Your browser history is public. (Drew)

2% milk. 98% spiders. (Onion920)

Door opens. Empty. Footsteps approach. (adycharlie)

Wake. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. (cmikel)

You didn’t kill that spider (kuronokei2)

Winged spiders. That is all. (praisedragjesus)

Reddit was bought by Comcast. (DragonsCanBeBeaten)

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